Published by Noma Music USA, Calgary based singer Amy Lee Owens brings new depth and
dimension to her undeniably hooky and
heart-driven breed of music.

Amy has taken some time to develop her sound over the past couple years and is
re-emerging with her new single entitled “Alone” in 2021. Taking more of an introspective approach, talking about
sensitive issues with the goal of bringing awareness and sharing a powerful message.

Amy has built up credibility over the years. In 2011, she was sought after by producing
team Suges & Martino to collaborate on a euro dance track “ Single Woman” through Soul Stream Records.

Her video single for “No Boys” landed in high rotation on MuchMusic & MTV. Following singles
“Can’t Remember” & “Bad News” led to interviews with Moov Magazine, Indikator magazine,
radio play in Dagnestan, Russia on Priboy Radio and a publishing deal with Noma Music USA.

Amy, now residing in Calgary, has united and been performing
with musician/artist Marvin Kee “the fly” for the past five years. They have been composing new songs
akin to that of Tuck & Patti, Erykah Badu,

Amy Winehouse and Joni Mitchell.